Thursday, February 21, 2008

Long overdue...

I should have posted my winter project weeks ago but for some reason I haven't... (I promise Camille, I finished the binding forever ago!!) This is what I worked on with my Sis while Matt and I freeloaded up in Canada. Super fun! I've said it before and I'm about to say it again. Try quilting you'll be hooked! Oh and if you're searching for some easy cute beginner patterns... I know a place! (wink*).

The Fabric... So cute!!

A table topper I just finished, not super creative but I like it!
The Bloom Quilt in all it's glory!


Jessie and Patrick said...

Your quilt turned out great. Too bad it wasn't done before you left. Just a couple more months before I can post a finished picture of mine.

Camille said...

Looks fabulous! Your table topper turned out awesome too, I love the scrappy binding on it. Who knew you were such a quilter? Way to go Renee!