Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stinky, Smelly Cows!

We went on a little walk today to kind of explore the property. Our Landlord has cows so we though Jonas might like to see them. He didn't seem all that interested, but Wyatt on the other hand was very interested and didn't know what to think! It was a nice little break and it was nice to see what's out there. I can't wait till summer there will be so much more to do and Jonas will be walking, so we wont have to carry him around everywhere. It's too bad we're so far out of town because I really like it out here!

The Cows!
Wyatt getting acquainted.
Matt and Jonas on our walk.
I tried to do just a picture of Jonas but he started to scream when I set him down on the hay bale, I think he thought I was going to leave him there with those stinky Cows!
Wyatt, Rocky and Annie. The big dogs belong to our landlord. Wyatt thinks he's so tough with them and tries to pick fights.

Our Backyard.
More Backyard
And more backyard!


Jess price said...

Hey! Your back yard is huge! It's like you actually live on a farm. That is so cool. Jonas is going to have so much fun this summer! By that way, I love that alligator b-day cake that you made. It turned out so cute!

Jessie and Patrick said...

How fun, You won't be able to keep up with him this summer!

Tammy said...

Ahhh! It looks like you had a really fun walk and it is nice to see a little blue sky there too I am sure. You guys have a ton of snow! Wish we were closer so we could venture out with you. Love ya and Miss all of you! Grandma Tam

melissa said...

haha! I can't put my arms down!

Camille said...

You pictures turned out awesome! Seriously can't believe how much snow it out there this year!