Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Going... Going... Well almost anyway!

Jonas has finally taken a few steps on his own tonight! It was very exciting. When he did it the first time he started screaming and laughing right after. I think he was kind of over that though, by the time we got the camera out. Anyway we are so proud of our big boy!! video

Jonas thought it would be fun to eat his cereal like a piggy!! He is so silly sometimes!


melissa said...

Love the new background Renee! Oh my gosh! Can I just say that this whole post had me cracking up?! Show mama how the little piggy eats! Dude, he totally got that from Matt. Ask him about when we were younger and mom and dad weren't home, we used to be like "this is how I eat when people are watching" and it would be all prim and proper. And then we would be like "this is how I eat when people aren't watching" and we'd stick our faces in the food. haha! come on Matt- don't deny it - the gooey rice stuff? Anyway....yay for the little monkey walking! I'm sooooo impressed and soooo excited and I can't stop watching the videos. He seriously wasn't even shaky or anything. I'm such a proud Auntie right now. :)

Tammy said...

Hooray for Jonas!!! Thanks so much for recording this, it makes us feel not as far away!! I can't believe how good he did. He will be taking off on his own and there will be no keeping up with him. I am so proud of him and I can't stop watching this either. I am not sure about the piggy eating and I never knew that my kids used to do that - little brats! Love ya Mom

Jess said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe that he's walking! He's getting so tall renee!

Christina said...

THat is awesome! I can't believe how quick Jonas has grown up. He is starting to look more like a little boy than a baby. I think he has your smile (Renee), it is contagious.