Thursday, February 21, 2008

The most exciting thing that has happened... Well, since we got here!

Matt walks in the door this afternoon and proposed an adventure, he said, "let's go raccoon hunting." I said "Raccoon Hunting?!" And he said, " Yes, It will be an Adventure". Well what do you know, we found one!! I've never seen a Raccoon before. Next adventure on the list... Porcupines!


Jessie and Patrick said...

That is crazy that you found a racoon. How long were you hunting for? I bet Jonas was pretty excited after seeing it in the tree.

Camille said...

Oh man, that wast the most exciting thing to happen since you moved there? I thought you were going to say there was another baby brandley on on way! ;-) By the way, I think Raccoons are scary. But that might be because of Elf.

Jess said...

How the heck do you hunt a raccoon? Did you just follow it's tracks? Anyways that is cool, it's a pretty big one! You are making me miss wide open spaces! I'm still stuck here in the middle of the concrete state... actually it's not so bad - Come and visit me!!!!